Your exclusive invite to Alex Charfen’s Billionaire Code Summit Event
The Billionaire Code Summit is an event where you can get first hand business advice from Alex in an intimate group setting. Not only do you get to have access to ask Alex questions about your individual business but you also get to network in a room with like minded entrepreneurs, these two things alone are invaluable.
Limited Availability:  Apply Below to Join
Alex Charfen's Billionaire Code Summit
Limited Availability:  Apply Below to Join Alex Charfen's Billionaire Code Summit
January 24th-25th, 2018
Jason Hall - Door Grow
Marley Baird - Marley Baird Media
Brad Gibb - Atlas Wealth
Over the course of the Billionaire code 
Summit you will walk away with the following;

You will leave with a Strategic Plan that you will have for a year with a system to renew that plan.

Understand a Communication Cadence that you can use to communicate with your team in a way that gives them clarity in a way so you can move forward fast so that you can achieve your goals.

You will learn the beginning processes for building an infrastructure around you and creating the business that you need as you grow.

Access to our Metrics and Milestones processes so that you know exactly what numbers to look at in your business so you can make decisions fast.

How to create your own game - changing movement using our Market Targeting strategy.

The Billionaire Code Strategic planning process so that you have clarity around what it takes to grow your business faster than any other process in the market.
This event only happens 3 times a year and we have decided to open up a limited number of tickets to entrepreneurs outside of our current Billionaire code coaching programs.  

If you are struggling with putting in place the systems and processes to help your business grow and want support and implementation practices fast then you do not want to miss this!

Get in touch if you would like to attend.
Jay Berube - MPV Realty
Molly Keyser - Boudie Shorts
Annie Grace - This Naked Mind
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